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Vacuum Drying Plants


Water in the active parts of the transformer can have adverse effect on its lifetime. The indicative lifetime of insulation at 80 C and 1% moisture is around 40 years whereas with 3% moisture it is 10 Years. Furthermore the reliability and overload capacity of the transformer are also affected when moisture is present. Transformers are more susceptible to mechanical stresses during short circuits when moisture is present. Vacuum Drying uses hot air circulation to remove moisture from the insulation

Vacuum Drying is one of the most common processes which reduces the moisture content from the insulation. Using hot air circulation and vacuum, rapid drying can be achieved without damaging the product. SAVAS has installed a large number of vacuum drying plants as per customer requirements. Our experience enables us to understand your requirement and provide standardized components and solutions tending to your needs.

• Power Transformers
• Distribution Transformers
• CT & PT Drying
• Capacitor Drying
• Bushing Drying


SAVAS offers solution to modify/ refurbish existing plants to meet your new needs, save energy or make it more efficient. Refurbished Vacuum drying plants have the same life and performance as a new plant.

Some of the solution we offer include

• Re-Orientation ( Front to Top Loading and Vice Versa)
• Re-Sizing
• Manual to Automatic
• Complete/ Part Overhaul to improve Final Vacuum


Vacuum Drying plant can be upgraded to any of the following...


Savas’ indigenous vapor phase drying plant can be attached to the vacuum drying plant to reduce the heating time as well as improve the drying. For more information refer to VPD page

Oil Filling/Sprinkling.

The active parts of the transformer are hygroscopic in nature; therefore a thoroughly dried job will again absorb moisture if exposed to atmosphere. To prevent this occurrence a coat of oil can be used to cover the active parts. This coating can be achieved by either sprinkling of oil in the vessel or flooding the vessel with oil after heating is complete. Savas offers Oil Filling, Oil Sprinkling and Oil Flooding Systems.

Isostatic Pressing

The active parts of the transformer separate the copper conductors. As moisture is removed the materials shrink which may affect the position of the copper conductors. To ensure the withdrawal of humidity does not affect the transformer, external pressure is applied during the heating phase to stabilize the windings. Isostatic hydraulic pressing system can be used along with vacuum drying to achieve the best possible results.

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