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Vapor Phase Drying Plants


Large transformers like power transformers need better removal of moisture to prevent aging, improve dielectric properties and reduce mechanical stresses. Vapor phase process uses the most advanced technology in the drying of transformerto remove the harmful moisture from the insulation.


Components such as Power Transformers, Instrument transformers such as CT & VT, and Bushings can be dried rapidly by Vapour Phase Drying (VPD for short).

Advantages of SAVAS Vapor Phase Process
• Drying of Insulation in Various Electrical Parts is required and can take up to 3 weeks by conventional air heating in air & vacuum. VPD can accomplish the same drying in as little as 2 days
• In VPD both heating and drying take place simultaneously.
• Solvent vapours can reach the coldest part of the transformer
• Rapid heating rate e.g. VPD 500-1000 W/m2 oc compared to Air 5-10 W/m2 oc
• Uniform heating to all components of an assembled electrical equipment
• Savas offers modular skid mounted system, designed for optimised installation and maintenance.

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